Mens Short Haircuts for Curly Hair

Jan, 13, 2014 0

Here are some mens short haircuts for curly hair; they are good examples for all types of curly hair, and they come complete with advice about how to achieve them, how to maintain them and how to style them.

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Cool Short Haircuts for Blondes

Jan, 06, 2014 0

Here are some cool short haircuts for blondes; they are perfect to exemplify how versatile the blonde hair color can be and how many things you can achieve with it. Thus, if you are interested in making some changes, you can adopt one of the daring and dramatic looks proposed here.

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Funky Short Haircuts for Daring Women

Nov, 18, 2013 0

Women who are interested in making some changes in their appearance should consider some funky short haircuts, because they are the most noticeable differences we notice; combine a short haircuts with some dramatic hair colors and you’ll have a unique look that sets the trends.

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Modern Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

Nov, 13, 2013 0

If you’re looking for short haircuts for oval faces then keep reading to see what are the styles that set the trend this season and to find out a few tricks about how to make your haircut more versatile even when it is short.

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Short Haircut Styles for Men

Oct, 21, 2013 0

It can be argued that the short haircut styles for men haven’t changed too much over the years; with few exceptions, and small details influenced by trends, some of the best short haircuts for men are still the classical ones, which are noticeable only when missing.

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The Best Hair Products for Short Choppy Haircuts

Oct, 21, 2013 0

Short choppy haircuts are very popular nowadays, but few girls or women know how to maintain that style after they’ve left the hair salon; here we recommend a few hair products which will make your job much easier, and will help you maintain that choppy look.

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Cute Short Haircuts for Round Faces and Thick Hair

Oct, 02, 2013 0

Here are some tips and advice for cute short haircuts for round faces and thick hair; you will learn how to manage, and actually enjoy and be proud of your generous locks, and you will learn how to use them in order to hide certain defects and highlight your best features.

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Short Haircuts for Little Girls with Curly Hair

Sep, 25, 2013 0

Parents whose daughters have curly hair should look for the most appropriate short haircuts for little girls; the perfect haircut would look good on the child, and it would be easy to maintain, both by the parents and the child herself.

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African American Short Haircuts

Sep, 24, 2013 0

When you’re looking for African American short haircuts, you need to take into consideration how many styling products and tools you are willing to subject your hair to; if your curls are tight and even, you can just go with an Afro style and opt between various sizes.

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Modern Short Haircuts for the Summer

Sep, 18, 2013 0

If you want to change your look this summer, you could consider trying some modern short haircuts; they are not only popular, but they are easier to maintain during the heat, and the variations of bob and pixie are so many that anyone can look good with short hair.

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Rihanna Short Haircuts Over Time

Sep, 10, 2013 0

Many women and girls take Rihanna as their role model, especially where style and fashion are concerned; that is why we have chosen a few Rihanna short haircuts to show you which were her most successful attempts and to offer you inspiration.

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Very Short Haircuts for 2013

Sep, 04, 2013 0

The very short haircuts that are fashionable in 2013 are similar to those from last year, except they are more inspired by Mia Farrow’s pixie cut from the 1960s, the one with very, very short bangs which have her a fairy-like appearance.

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Trendy Short Haircuts

Aug, 28, 2013 0

If you are interested in more trendy short haircuts for this year, then you will be pleased to hear trends from previous seasons are continued, so you won’t have to give up on your bob or pixie haircut, just adapt them to new styles and perhaps changing hair color.

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2013 Short Haircuts for Guys

Aug, 19, 2013 0

There are many examples of short haircuts for guys in 2013, and there are so many variations that it can be difficult to tell what is suitable for you; celebrities are the best inspiration for a new haircut, as they always have the latest cuts and styles.

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Medium Short Haircuts for Redheads

Aug, 13, 2013 0

What is amazing about red hair is that it is already a daring color, so it can function perfectly with medium short haircuts that are edgy and daring, that have an attitude and highlight the wearer’s features; try an asymmetrical bob or a pompadour, they will look great.

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